Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Queerer than a quail's egg

So, here's the update on the farm:

We now have quails which arose by my friend Faye giving me some quail eggs & Lynne lending me an incubator. It only took 17 days before they hatched, 2 weeks under a heat lamp, 2 more weeks under a regular light bulb & 3 additional weeks before the dang things were laying their own eggs. These little birds mature faster than a blink of the eye.
(Pic of chicks at 2 days old)

We had a 60% hatch which, according to the web sites, is normal for commercial so I can't help but be pleased. We have 2 males & 3 females which have been separated into 2 large cages. This is just temporary until Mark has built the aviary where they will be raised free-range for their eggs.

Next we borrowed the services of a neighbour's broody hen to hatch a batch of eggs which are due later this week. We wanted to save on hydro & the neighbour thought it would be neat; works for us all.

Got a couple of chickens too, but that's another story.
Peace out, Boop

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